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Many people ask what is the best way to exchange your money. Do you do it at the bank? American Express travel office? The airport? Being on such a tight budget it is important to get the best rate with as little fees. The best way to get Euros is to simply use your ATM card at a safe secure bank ATM in Europe.

I love banking with Travis Credit Union for the past 35 years. They have the best customer service. To use their ATM card in Europe would cost me $1.50 + 1% conversion fee + the host ATM fee. Since I don’t want to carry large amounts of cash on me, I would need to visit the ATM once a day. My total fees over 46 days, spending $10,000, and guessing the foriegn bank charges around a $3 fee per transaction, my total cost would be $307.

I found Charles Schwab High Yield Checking Account. They don’t charge a conversion fee or ATM fess. They also refund you at the end of the month all host ATM fees that you have been charged. Meaning more gelato for us!


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