Electronics, can’t leave home without them.

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In the age of wifi and social media it is unheard of to travel with out some electronic devices.
How will I keep my family and friends up to date of our exploits. I wanted to bring as few things as possible. Less to keep track of and carry around. This is a list of what I settled on.

Old iPhone 3GS – I had AT&T unlock it so that I can purchase local SIM cards in each country for inexpensive use.

iPad Mini- small, lightweight, with everything I need. I have my digital tour books downloaded in iBooks. I have my Tripomatic trips saved as pdf’s in iBooks. And I have the ability to post on this blog.

Original Cannon DSLR – It’s bulky but takes great photos. Downside is it still uses a compact flash card. I’m on the fence if I want to bring my telephoto zoom lens. I want to be able to zoom in on the Pope but I also don’t want the extra weight.

Compact Flash USB Card Reader-

iPad mini to usb reader-

Short charging cables- less space.

Travel camera battery charger- less space.








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