Papal Audience

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Today we woke up early to get in line at St. Peter’s Square to listen to Pope Francis address the people. We got in line at 7:00 am, only to be crowded out towards the back. We discovered that everyone just clustered and pushed to the front. So we joined in. Making us one of the first into the square. We wanted to be along the sides in hope to see the Pope drive by in the Pope Mobil. So we got the twenty fifth row back from the front down the center.

There are around 100,000 people here from all over the world here today. Newlyweds in their wedding dresses and tuxedos, melting in the heat, to have their marriages blessed. Church groups from everywhere, I even met a group from Africa.

After hours in the sun Pope Francis came out in his Pope mobile. That’s when people got mob crazy. They were all pushing and shoving. Everyone trying to get a blessing from the Pope. Across the aisle from me was the cutest baby who got a Blessing. It was extremely special and sincere.





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  1. It’s been fun to keep up m your travels. Have someone else take s e pictures of the whole family before Steve comes back! Making fun family memories and all your hard work paying off!

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