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Have you ever had one of those days that make you feel like crying. Today was one of those days. After no sleep in a loud crazy youth hostel, we got ready to leave at 4:45 am. We stopped for some pastries and at a bank to use the ATM. Then went to the train station. After 10 minutes and help from the information booth lady we still couldn’t purchase tickets back to the airport. I finally had to go to the Bahn office to purchase our tickets. Where I didn’t read the German sign telling me to take a number. Needless to say when I thought it was my turn I approached the counter only to be told to go get a service number! I finally purchased our full priced train tickets to the airport.

We flew AirBerlin for 1 hour and 40 minutes to Rome. We were shown American sitcoms and given warm, soft pretzels. I was impressed. As you exit the plane the also give you a heart shaped milk chocolate. I think I’m in love.

Once in Rome I went to purchase our Roma Píus pass only to find out they no longer sell them. And I didn’t want the Roma Pass, so that was a waste of time. Then went to find our driver. No one was holding up our name. 🙁 I pulled out my reservation to call them only to discover I booked the wrong date! Ugh!! Now what? I called them and was told sorry but we are full today. Then I talked to a man at a shuttle booth who wanted twice the amount to take us. I finally approached a woman from the same company I booked with and she fixed it. We had a driver in 45 minutes! He got a huge tip.

After getting checked into our apartment we walked to the deli for lunch supplies. Then after lunch we walked to the supermarket for groceries. After we got back we were wiped out from the heat, so we took a nap.

When we awoke we had to rush to pick up our Papal Audience tickets near the Trevi Fountain. On the way we stopped to buy a SIM card for my iPhone. Only to find out we had to return to the apartment for my passport. Then I had to use the ATM and buy our week long metro tickets at the tobacco shop. We finally found the American Catholic Church in Rome to pick up our tickets. I asked where I could purchase rosaries to be blessed at mass tomorrow since we need to be there by 7:00 am for seats. A Father and the nuns said everything was closed. Then the father took me to a shop. I was desperate so I purchased 9 rosaries to blessed during mass. Only after 5 minutes of my purchase I saw a booth selling them for much less. So we got 5 more for the kids friends. Only to walk down the street and see them for much,much less. I was done by this point and frustrated!

Things did make a turn for the better. It was getting dark and we got to experience Rome at night. The kids got to throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain. We walked the Spanish steps and to the Pantheon. We then got ambitious and walked to the colosseum. It was 11:30 by the time we got back and had dinner. We were wiped out.



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