Italian Unions, Ugh!

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Today we hit the ground running at 6:30 am. We stopped for pastries and cappuccino for breakfast. Then we went to San Giovanni in Laterno, the Popes home church, the first Church of Rome. Then to the Holy Stairs, which are said to be the same stairs Jesus walked up in Jerusalem. We continued onto the Bathes of Diocletian, a Roman bath house turned into a church.

We then went to the Colosseum to join our Underground Tour. A tour I paid $90 for 5 months ago. It is hard to get into and is now completely sold out. As we arrive the line in extremely short, seemed odd to me, so I go to the front to find a sign stating that they are having a Union meeting and none of the archeological sights will be opened until 12:30. I call the ticket vendor who basically said too bad there is nothing they can do. I can send an email and try to get a refund. We shall see how that goes. I’m not holding out hope.

We then had 4 hours to fill as our day was preplanned to see all the ruins. We decided to visit St. Peter in Chains Church. This is where the chains that once bound St. Peter are kept. It is also where Michelangelo’s famous Moses sculpture is. We then continued onto Circus Maximus, which is where a Ben Hur type of chariot race was held. Behind it is the location of the Mouth of Truth. This sight was my favorite part of the movie Roman Holiday. You put your hand in the mouth and the statue will bite off the hand of a liar. We then walked onto Capitol Hill and the Victor Emmanuel Monument. Where we had lunch in the cafeteria.

It was now time to head toward the colosseum. We stopped at the forum to purchase our tickets. 5 people in line front of us vs 500 people. Yeah! When we got to the colosseum we has to get into the reservation line to see if there was anything they could do to help us with our tour. In line some crazy man tried to cut me. This happens often in Rome, I just step right back in front of them and they get the point and just stand behind me. This crazy man was going on about wanting to get in front of me. Good thing he spoke English and understood me yelling at him to back the heck up. In maybe not so nice words, where every American in the 500 plus line could hear. He then told me he was going to run me over in line. At that moment staff showed up to deal with him. Thankfully because I was one irritated, overheated mom. Then at the window we are told sorry but there is nothing they can do to honor my reservation. Here is an email to write too. Great! I complained some more and she said if I paid for 2 people on the English regular guided tour she will give me the other 4 free. I took the offer and off we went on our guided colosseum tour.

Afterwards we went to Palatine Hill and the Forum, both excavated ruins from Ancient Rome. Palaces of Emperors of Rome and the main hub of Ancient Rome.

It is 5:30 pm and we are hot, smelly, sun burnt, and grouchy. So we come back to the apartment. On the way back we stop by the local deli. Which is run by the nicest Italians ever. We get items for an easy no fuss dinner. Taking showers (loving the two bathrooms in the tiny apartment) and a nap before having dinner at 9:30 pm. Calling an end to a long day.






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