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Today we had breakfast in the apartment. This made our start a little later. Getting us to Ostia Antica at 9:45 am. Ostia Antica should be a major Roman sight for everyone. It was the best Roman ruins we have seen thus far and I think we have seen them all.

Ostia Antica was a seaport town founded in the 4th century BC. It was abandoned for a larger seaport town. It silted up and became a muddy swap, keeping it preserved all these years. Walking around you truly feel transported 2000 years. The market square was amazing. In front of each merchants shop was a mosaic floor depicting what service they provided. Many of these are still intact today. We also enjoyed seeing the tavern, with the bar and display shelves. There were temples, bathes, public toilets, an amphitheater, and an entire town worth of buildings.

Afterwards we took the train to the beach. We walked to the free beach grabbed some beach chairs and the kids swam in the Mediterranean Sea. Everyone here wears a two piece no matter your size, shape, or age. Except for me!







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