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Last night we had to quickly change into our shoulder and knee covering outfits to go to the Vatican Museum. On Friday nights the museum has a special night opening that you must pre-book. The line is much shorter and the crowds are much smaller. As the museum is not air conditioned I couldn’t imagine walking through in the middle of the day with three to four times the amount of people. We thought we could make a quick visit to St. Peter’s Basilica before our time slot. We allowed 3 hours to accomplish this. Upon arriving in St.Peter’s Square we quickly realized that the was not possible. It would have taken us that long to just stand in the security line.

So we found a cute bakery where we had a nice bite to eat. In Rome you pay for everything by the weight. You pick out your sandwich or pizza and how big of a piece you want. They cut it and weigh it then tell you what you owe. It’s hard to figure out the price in advance as they will tell you 16€ per kilogram. How large of a slice is that? So you just go with it. We all had what we wanted and drinks in this nice bakery for 20€. I was happy.

It was now time to enter the museum. Skyler hit the ground running taking photos of everything until his iPod battery died and he lost interest, then fell asleep inside the Sistine Chapel. He wasn’t the only one. Looking around the Sistine Chapel at 10:30 at night there were many men and children snoozing through their audio guides. Being the last thing you see in the museum it is easy to see how people could loose energy by this point. The museum is set up to take you through ancient Egypt, then Greek replica sculptures (replicated 2000 years ago, so still fascinating), then Raphael’s work then the Sistine Chapel. Some other items and rooms along the way. Skyler found a Baboon statue that was an Egyptian God of wisdom that he had to have his picture taken with. The girls loved the room with the tiny mosaic jewelry boxes. And everyone was impressed by Michelangelo’s frescos on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. They were three dimensional, making you feel like you are in the scenes with God during creation. And you are experiencing the last judgement with the poor souls in Rome behind the alter. It is amazing to think about all that has transpired in this very room throughout the last 500 years. How the conclave is locked into this room and the pope is decided on. It’s a wonder why they even let us commoners into such a special place. I certainly appreciated it. This will be a memory that will last in my mind till I die.




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