St. Peter’s Basilica

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To avoid the lines at St. Peter’s we had to get there right when they opened at 7:00am. The beauty of going on a Sunday is being there for Mass and seeing all of the smaller masses going on at the same time. The down side is all these areas are then partitioned off to tourists and photographs. From 7am – 8am the basilica is quiet. At 8am it starts to fill up and by 9am you can hardly move around. Tour groups can’t come in until 9am so the early bird gets a nice visit. The scale of this church is so large it gives you an overwhelming feeling of admiration for Michelangelo, the designer. His Pietà is amazing even behind bullet proof glass. Steve took Sierra and Salome to the top of the Dome for a view of the entire city. While I took Serenity and Skyler beneath the church to see the tombs of the past popes. When we finally left at 11:00 am we felt we had truly experienced the Vatican and it’s importance to the world. The security line at this point was almost completely around the square.

After we entered St. Peter’s square we realized we left our camelback water bottle near our seats during mass. This is the second of three water bottles to bite the dust in a week. We love our water bottles, you will never go thirsty in Rome equipped with a water bottle. There are fountains and noses everywhere in Rome. I even have an app that tells me the closest location of one to me. These were created in 1871 and deliver ice cold water to all of Rome free flowing at all times. It is honestly the best tasting, ice cold water you will ever drink. Or splash on your face.

Everyone was tired at this point and voted not to rent bikes in Borghese Park or visit catacombs on the Appian. They wanted to rest and pack. So that is what we did. Until 8:00 pm when we walked around the corner from our apartment to a cute local pizzaria for dinner. It was perfect. We had suppli, croquettes, deep fried stuffed zucchini flowers, ham and gorgonzola pizza, salami and olive pizza, mushroom and egg pizza, 3 different ice cream tartufos and a carafe of wine. All for 55€. It was a nice ending to our visit to Rome.




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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful time in Rome. Certainly makes me want to visit someday! I hope everyone is enjoying Italy.

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