Termini Station

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We are spending three hours in the train station this morning. Having our 1.90€ cappuccino and brioche from the Golden Arches. Trying to use the wifi. It must text you the free password, I’m not getting a text. Ugh!

We had to leave 2 hours earlier than planned due to the transportation strike. All public transportation in Rome is on strike from 8:30 – 5:00. This doesn’t affect working locals, mainly just tourists. And the cab drivers make a killing on these days. So we took an early metro to the train station. Trust me when I say this is not the nicest place to spend 3 hours but it is colorful.

You must pay 1€ per person to use the toilet. I’m making them hold it until we get on the train. I didn’t budget in bathroom money. 🙂

Rome is just like any other major city. Like going to San Francisco but you can’t speak the language. You walk into most places, they are all playing American music, but they don’t speak English. Do they not want to know what the song is about?

Serenity and Salome just returned from their train station investigation. They found out the strike was delayed. So we could still be in bed! Or in the comfort of our apartment watching Jag or CSI in Italian. We think its the same man and woman doing all the voices on every show.



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