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I have died and gone to heaven! I feel like I’m in a land at Disney World. My senses are overwhelmed. I want to take pictures of everything and never leave!

This was my first impression of Venice. A cold front has moved in after last weeks heat wave. So when we arrived it was drizzling. The relief from the heat on my sunburns was wonderful. As we walked from the train station to our apartment I was like a kid in a candy store. I wanted to taste and touch everything! We fell in love with the location of our apartment and our landlord. The apartment is more than we had expected. We were on a cloud. Our landlord walked us to the market so we could pick up some supplies. Then we went to the wine refill store. For 1.50€ the owner filled our old wine bottle up with a nice Cabernet Sauvignon. On the walk back we stopped at the outdoor produce market where we had a laugh trying to buy parsley. The cute guy kept showing us every item, while I said its name in English. Finally I googled the Italian word and showed him, apparently it is kept under the counter. He was fun about it.

After putting away our groceries we went off to explore. Our apartment is in the old Jewish Ghetto. So all the restaurants around us are kosher. And there are Orthodox Jews running around everywhere. I want to take their picture but I don’t want to be rude. All of the shops on our street cater to the Jewish population. From poster saying, “Keep calm it’s almost Shabbat” to Murano glass menorahs.

We then purchased our 72 hour vaperetto passes. This is the water bus system. The only way around Venice is to walk or by water. The only way to many of the sights we want to see are by water. It was 184€ for the six of us! I will be riding this thing everywhere to get my money’s worth! Please pray they don’t go on strike while we are here!

We then did Rick Steve’s Grand Canal audio tour. We sat in the front of the vaperetto and listened to Rick on my iPad. The tour ends at St. Marks Square. Where it is cold and almost empty! We took advantage of this by getting some photos in front of St. Mark’s.

I am in love with Venice!







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