Murano and Burano

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We decided to take the Vaperreto out to the islands of Murano and Burano today. On Murano we watched them make glass vases and animals. It was nice to walk around and watch this craft. Burano is know for their lace making and colorful homes. We walked around and looked at the cute homes. Then found a cute lace shop with a private lace collection dating back to 1600. The owner and the cute lady in Rick Steve’s book was there. She showed us how lace making is done. It was fascinating. I love to buy art on my travels from local artists. So I really wanted a piece of lace to frame. The cheapest item I could find that I liked was an owl for 150€. Normally on a vacation Steve would be fine with an art purchase around this amount. But we normally don’t bring all four kids with us. So we had to pass. We got the world famous souvenirs instead, postcards!

Once we reached Venice we walked through the island and got some gelato. They kids went up to the apartment to rest. While Steve and I went to the wine refill store and to meet the local artists. And when I say local, I mean very local. Across the alley from our apartment.

I then made dinner and went to bed at 8:00 pm. The best night of sleep I have had the entire trip!






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