St. Marks Square

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We awoke to a cold, drizzly morning. Taking the vaperetto around the entire island and getting off at St. Marks Square. With the weather being gloomy there wasn’t a line into Doges Palace. We walked right up and purchased our tickets. Our favorite part was the prison that once held Casanova.

After leaving the palace we checked Steve’s bag at a church giving us direct access to St.Mark’s Basilica. By passing the long line, thank you Rick Steve’s guide book. Walking in we discovered we came at the perfect hour. It was the one hour in the day they turn on the flood lights. Making all of the mosaics on the ceiling glimmer gold. It was beautiful! We realized how beautiful it was after they turned off the lights.

We then hunted down Alfredo’s fresh pasta to go. 7€ for a Chinese take out box of fresh fettuccine with veal sauce. We actual watched them make the pasta or we wouldn’t have believed them. It was ok, not number 2 worthy on tripadvisor.

We continued onto the Correr Museum. It really wasn’t worth the time we spent there. It was free with our Doges pass so we decided to go. I would suggest pigeon watching over going to this museum.

Afterwards we visited the Church of San Zachariah. This was the first church of Venice. It holds the remains of Zachariah, the Father of John the Baptist. They had lillies out on the alter that made the church smell wonderful.

Then the kids wanted to visit the beach. It had gotten warm around 4:30. So we crossed the lagoon to Lido. It was like getting off the vaperetto in a Southern California city. The streets are lined with gorgeous, gated mansions and hotels. Everything is clean and modern. There definitely was a different vibe on this island. The Adriatic Sea was crystal blue and the kids had a blast swimming. They also found some neat seashells. On the walk back we all had gellatos. Making the day end on a sweet note.

Steve and I then went out for a late night stroll through venice after we cleaned off the dinner table. Venice was pretty much closing up as we were heading out. We made a nice loop and had a glass of Bellini to end our night.





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  1. Hi Guys:
    Sounds like a wonderful time you are all having. Thanks Stacey for the wonderful synopsis and revelations of your daily trips. I print everything out so Nick can read it, and follow you along on your trip. What a wonderful experience and adventure. I plan to put everything in a folder for you, so keep up the good work. Have fun, we miss you all. Love Oma & Papa

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