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In the seventh grade I had a social studies project that I loved. We were each given a country and had to create tourism packages to sell to our classmates. Along with souvenirs and activities. We were all given funny money to then go travel to our classmates countries. I remember creating three classes aboard my flights. First class, economy class, and crate class. In crate class you rode under the plane with the cargo and animals. You are given a milk crate to sit on and your ticket was dirt cheap.

That is what EasyJet reminded me of. Crate class. You get a cheap ticket and that is all. You walk outside to your flight and up the stairs. There are no free drinks or snacks. You can buy anything from water to perfume from the carts that go up and down the aisle. You are permitted 1 small carryon and that is it. You can pay to bring luggage, you can pay for a front seat, you can pay for any extra you can think of. They have an entire catalog of items they sell on board. I just pray they get my kids to our destination safely.


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