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Across the Alley from our apartment were the shops of four local artists.

Tony Green, a man from New Orleans, who moved to Venice to paint and play Jazz. We spent some time each day chatting with him and he helped me glue my broken nail back together. 🙂

A young Jewish man who I custom ordered a Murano Glass pendant from. He didn’t speak a lot of English but was super nice.

An artist and her husband who live between Venice and Jerusalem. We purchased a large print from her depicting the ghetto, that I loved. She was so kind and fun. She let each of the kids pick out a small print to take home.

An older Orthodox Jew who did modern abstracts. I purchased a small print from him, also. Although I didn’t form a friendship with him like the others.

A funny Jewish shopkeeper who makes his sister make the Murano Glass. He has US Police patches up all over his store. He takes all forms of money and gives a $1 = 1€ exchange rate on his items. I wished I had US money at this point. As I purchased a lovely silver necklace of a 3-D Star of David from him.

Around the campo are young Orthodox Jews from Brooklyn who try to convert the regular tourist Jews into their fundamental sect. We were told they are radical extremist that are shipped in and are not really welcomed in the quarter.

Everything in the quarter is Kosher and our best loaf of bread ever was from the Jewish Bakery on our street.

I couldn’t have dreamed of a better location to stay in. We loved this little community and the people who resided in it. The history is so unique and amazing.




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