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Today was a wash. After some flight difficulties we arrived in Madrid. I purchased our metro passes and we set out to find our hostel. After finally stumbling upon it and checking in we were starved. We found a local tapas bar that was packed and pricey. We had some fish tapa and moved on. We then found a store and got some food. I bought a SIM card. We then went to a museum because my outdated guidebook stated it was free. It wasn’t and we were all tired. So we decided to take a nap instead. It is 10:24pm on a Saturday night and the kids are all still sleeping. I’m just sitting in the Hostel lobby using the wifi. I tried waking them to go out and get chocolate and churros but they aren’t budging. I guess tomorrow is a new day.

I just had a great chat with a nice Scottish man about politics and gun control. It’s amazing how differently people think about things based on the environment they are raised in. I think that is the best part of staying in a hostel. Meeting people who you would never come across in your daily life and looking at the world in a different way.

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  1. Yes, we have some interesting conversations about traveling, politics with fellow travelers too. It is also interesting to watch the news, and read the paper, especially when the discussion is about the US, to hear their version of the topic.

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