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It was a three hour train ride from Venice to Milan. We checked our bags at the train station and took the metro to the Duomo. After seeing the cathedral in Cologne, St. Peter’s at the Vatican, and St. Marks in Venice this place looked dark and gloomy. We then ate our lunch in the square with the statue of Leonardo DaVinchi. Afterward we took a walk, stumbling upon an old fortified castle. Now a museum and it happened to be free day. 🙂

We then returned to central station to collect our bags and catch the airport express train. This was one of the most difficult purchases ever. I had looked at the prices at home on their website and they offered a family rate. There wasn’t anywhere to purchase these special tickets. Not from the counter or the normal machines. Finally i was directed to some special machines. The family pass wasn’t available from these machines. Then finally an older guy who worked for the train helped me but it wouldn’t take my card and I didn’t have exact change. So I had to run into Saphora and buy a puffy sponge to make change. Then when I ran back the nice man was gone. Ugh! Finally I found a different man to help. We got onto the train and they never even checked our tickets.

At the airport we had to wait for the an hour for the shuttle that took us to our hotel. It looked like we were dropped off in the middle of a Mexican village that was running a hotel they furnished from an ikea catalog. This was our first European Hotel. We thought the power was out for the first two hours before we discovered the slot you slide your room key in that gives your room electricity. I guess this is to prevent energy use when you leave the room. We were extremely hungry by this point and had two options, the hotel restaurant or a little pizzeria in the village. We rolled the dice and went to the pizzeria. The strange thing about this pizzeria was it was entirely decorated in a Thai motif. From the red walls, elephant seat cushions, Thai painting on the walls, and the Buddhas everywhere. But not a single Thai dish on the menu. We had 4 pizzas. And we were charged a 9€ service charge on top of the bill. I wish it was stated somewhere on the menu. I guess this is just a European thing I need to get used to or just not eat out.




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