El Rastro Market & El Retiro Park

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After our wonderful cornflakes and warm milk breakfast compliments of the hostel, we headed out to the massive El Rastro Market. Everything you could ever want is sold here. Overpriced antiques, 1€ clothes, 5€ used Levi’s, bird cages, fans, etc… I purchased an etching from a man of a matador and bull. I’m a sucker for local art work. Skyler got an unofficial football jersey for 3€, an official one runs around 30 – 45€. There were many things I wanted to buy for gifts but we can’t expand our luggage until Paris.

We then went to the Naval Museum. It was listed as free but when we got through security the lady wanted 3 euros donation each. I simply said sorry we let everyone into our Smithsonian and I’m paying 21% VAT while I’m here. I’m going in for free. And in we went.

We then headed for Retiro Park. It was beautiful. We rented a row boat and had ice cream cones. It was a lot of fun. We went in an art exhibit and the crystal palace. It was a giant green house in the park. It was a fun morning and afternoon.





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