Sticky Fingers

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After the park we went to the Reina Sofía museum. It was free and we had an hour before our ticket pick up time for the bull fight. So we ran in to hit some major works. On the way out we all used the bathroom. As we are outside the museum Salome yells, “I left my iPod in the bathroom”, and goes running back in. Needless to say it was gone. Both her and Skyler said the cleaning lady went in right after her and quickly left with it. So they told security and were looking for the lady. Right when Salome saw her she started yelling, “That’s her, do you have my iPod?”. The lady claimed she didn’t see it and walked away. As she was walking away we saw it on her butt. As we were telling the one info lady who spoke English, she disappeared again. When the info lady finally came with us to approach her again she showed us nothing was in her pockets. By this point the entire staff just thought we were crazy. Salome kept checking the lost and found. Nothing. We left and told her we were sorry, lesson learned. As we were getting on the metro I thought, I’m smarter than this and not a victim. We went back and asked to file a report. By this time they were just sick of us. After I filed the report, I saw a police van in the square. Neither police officer spoke English but in perfect English told me he spoke French. After 10 minutes of charades and my broken Spanish. And them just trying to send us to the English speaking police department to file a report. Salome begged them to search the woman. After they finally understood that she worked in the museum, I was shocked they were locking the van to help us. As we walk into the museum Salome shouts, “That’s her!”. The lady takes off in a run walk and the police chase her. By the time I sent my purse through security for the 12th time in the past hour (and showed our tickets, like they didn’t know who we were by this point) and caught up to the police they were holding Salome’s iPod. The woman claiming she found it in the trash. Then the museum security asked to speak to the police, showing them images of my purse. One with one phone, one with two (Sierra’s and mine), then one with one again (I gave Sierra’s hers back). The security lady was claiming I was trying to frame the cleaning lady with my large supply of iPhones! The police said she had worked there for 22 years and was loved by all. I said I could care less about pressing charges my daughter just wants her iPod back. Salome entered her code in it to prove it was hers. They handed it over. We said Adios and got the hell out of dodge. Leaving everyone to gossip about the crazy Americans who framed the poor cleaning lady with an iPod!

Do I think she was a thief? No. I think she took what she thought was a left phone and was too embarrassed to admit she took it when confronted. It just snowballed into the mess it did. I’m sure she will think twice now about keeping lost museum items.

The kids now think my craziness does have some benefits. Don’t mess with a Momma Bear!

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  1. Thank you! It was one of my few super mom moments in life. One I’m sure the kids will talk about after I’m long gone. 🙂

  2. That’s too funny…persistence pays off…sounds like you are having a good time in spite of the people…

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