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We decided to take the 50 minute bus over the 30 minute train to Toledo today. For 9.62€ you get a round trip bus ride vs 22€ for a round trip train ride. The savings outweighed 40 minutes of our life. Getting to the bus station was a breeze on the metro. The bus terminal was indoors and extremely nice. The ticket machine was in English and I had exact change! The most painless transaction thus far or we are just getting the hang of this. The bus is a nice charter bus and once the seats were full that was it, you would have to wait 30 minutes until the next one. I am very please with this decision.

Upon arriving at the bus station you have to take the city bus up the hill into the walled city. It is 1.40€ per ticket. We took a cab that fit 4 and asked if Serenity could ride with two women tourist in their cab. Costing 4€ for the cab ride.

We then took the little audio tourist train around the outside of the city walls. This told us the history of Toledo and was informative. Just don’t sit next to loud Spanish children so you can’t hear it.

Afterward we walked down to the Jewish Quarter and had the famous marzipan from San Tóme. It was wonderful. The best I have ever had. We then tried the cheap kind sold everywhere. Yuk! It was doughy, gritty, and extremely sweet.

We then went to the Church of San Tóme to view El Greco’s famous masterpiece. It was 2.50€ to view it. I should have just left Skyler outside with a snack for all he cared.

It is a beautiful wall




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