Belém and Estoril

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Today we took electric tram 15E to Belém. We visited the beautiful Jerónimos Monastery. It was built in 1501 with the taxes raised from spices. We then walked to the famous Casa Pastéis de Belém Cafe for their pastel de nata, the best custard tart you have ever tasted!

We then went to the Coach Musuem. Then had lunch at the park where we watched thieves scope out old tourist ladies. They knew we were onto them and were irritated with us. Earlier in the day Salome watched a thief try to grab an old ladies purse but she started yelling for the police. So he ran away. Theft is huge here. There are signs everywhere telling you to watch your stuff. And at least 4 people a day tell me to watch my purse.

We then went to the Monument of Discoveries, it was massive and amazing! Afterwards we walked to the Tower of Belém. The first and last thing the adventurers would see before going off to find new lands and riches for Portugal.

After all the sightseeing in the sun we headed to Estoril the beach resort area of the Portuguese royalty. The kids are enjoying the water while I snack on snails and cherries. It must be cherry season, you can buy 1 Kilo of cherries from street vendors for 2€. That’s like $1.30 a pound! We are loving them!








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