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Yesterday we flew into Lisbon via EasyJet. I had never gotten off of a plane onto the Tarmac and then bussed to baggage claims. At the airport we purchased our Lisboa Cards and a SIM card for my phone. We then took a cab to our apartment. 17€ for the cab vs 14€ for the metro plus walking and finding our way. The cab was a wonderful choice!

After getting situated in the apartment we went to have lunch on our street. The only thing opened was tiny convience stores selling sandwiches. So we had a sandwich and search for the supermarket. What looked like an area 1 block away on the map turned out to be a 300 meter hill we had to walk straight down. Lisbon is all hills like San Francisco. The crazy part is that the hills are all paved with tiles and cobblestones. So your not only trying to walk down hill you are also trying not to slip on the slick tiles. We then found the supermarket. It had a very low quality of food. The deli counter was completely unappealing. We paid for our groceries only to find they charge a 23% tax!! We then had to carry our items back up this crazy hill. And serenity left the backpack at the place we ate lunch, so we had to buy the cheap grocery bags to carry the stuff up in.

We then took a nap, had a snack, and headed out to explore. We rode the street cars all over, then went to the castle we have a view of from our apartment. We then walked back, stopping to have a plate full of snails and bread. I made the mistake of having the sparkling white wine on tap. It was refreshing but strong. I now have the worst headache ever from it.

The streets around our apartment are dead during the day. Then at night all these little doors turn into bars and restaurants. So the street out front that looks like dog poop (literally), gets tables and cushions placed on them at night and is an outdoor lounge. Then in the morning all the critters are out eating the trash.





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  1. Happy 4th of July!!!! Of course you show Sierra eating snails… Ask her if they taste beter than ants!!! (-: Miss you guys!!!

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