Date with Salome

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At 10pm tonight Salome woke me wanting to go eat dinner. She and I got dressed, no one else wanted to come, and ate at Ha Piteu. Number 18 of 1,465 restaurants in Lisbon. 25 steps from our lobby. I didn’t realize it was so fancy. I had a glass of the house green wine and some cheese. Salome had bottled water, cod, and garlic sautéed potatoes. We ended up talking politics with the two young German guys next to us. It was extremely interesting. They explained how their political system worked and were interested in how ours worked. We were there so long the restaurant gave us complimentary port and Salome a lemon aperitif in a chocolate cup. On the way out into the wall to wall crowds on the street a young British couple introduced themselves to us. Giving us kisses on the cheeks. Salome thought that was pretty silly. It was a nice night out with my baby girl.


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