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All of the kids were wiped out and wanted to return to the apartment. So Sierra and I went out to explore. We made the mistake of asking a group of locals where we can try sardines. One of the guys decided to show us. Then wanting to talk about why we tolerate a country that allows people to carry guns and shot up schools. How do we feel safe when there are gangs everywhere killing people. This keeps coming up with everyone I talk too. Is this what the rest of the world thinks of Americans? As most young travels tend to be Liberal, most people from America who talk politics with people in cafes and hostels tend to agree that we should have gun control in America like Europe. Most people find a mom of four traveling alone with her kids fascinating but when I tell them my country will have to disarm me from my cold dead hands they are shocked. I then question them on how they plan to defend themselves against Tyranny if only a small population of people in Europe even own any type of gun. I guess we just trust our government is the normal response. Which I think is so strange given all of their history.

Back to the crazy guy. So he then takes us to a hole in the wall and sits with us. We get some authentic pork dish and fries and drinks. He won’t stop talking and asking us questions. While seated we realize he’s not just energetic and excited, he’s a tweaker. He wants to show us hundreds of pictures of his dog, then that leads to him and his dog in betters days. I keep telling him we must get back and buy bread before the store closes. It took what seemed like forever to shake this guy. When we finally did, it was like a breath of fresh air.

We then took a cable car ride where we met a nice couple from Hillsboro, Ca. They were sad to see us go as I think they were starved for American conversation. We then stumbled upon an outdoor symphony with hundreds of viewers. We watched two numbers from above on some stairs. Then I spotted an upfront table for two in what I thought was an outdoor cafe. So we sat down, only to discover this was reserved seating that included dinner with the performance for 50€ per person. Since the show was almost over they told us we could just order drinks. I ordered a 1 liter bottle of mineral water for us to share. What we got was a 3€ bottle of what we thought was tap water. To confirm this I asked if we could keep the bottle our water came in and was told no they reuse them. Nice! After a few more numbers we decided to walk back and head to bed.

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  1. I like that you are engagning the locals with your kids. That’s the kiind of experiences that they will remember. Hopefully Serenity and Skyler get the date nights too.

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