It’s too Hot in Lisbon

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Yesterday we needed to Escape the heat. We thought it would be nice to visit the modern and new part of Lisbon. This is where they held the world expo in 1998. The mall was hot! There is no central A/C in the mall and we were melting! On the bottom floor was their version of a super Wal-Mart with sample ladies. The whole place smelled like dry fish, as they had piles for sale in two different parts of the store. They have a produce stand person, where you bring your items to be bagged, weighed, and tagged. I wonder if this is more efficient than the checker doing it like our stores do. Beer is crazy cheap here. A 6 pack of bottles was on sale for .79€. We then went out to see the promenade and gondola ride. After about 100 meters we were a pool of sweat and had to go back.

We went back to the main square in Lisbon to the air conditioned visitor center with free wifi. The kids hung out there while I tasted the wines of Portugal in the Wine Tasting Center a few doors down.

Salome then wanted to head back up to the castle to purchase a cork bracelet she saw. The kind shop owners stuck fans on us to try to cool us off. Then they sent us to a tiny place for lunch. Where we had empanadas, ice cream and I tried Ginjinha. A traditional cherry liquor. It was way to strong for me to even sip.

We then took the bus back down to a main hub where we watched traditional Portuguese dancers. It was fun and the kids were cute. Then back up the hill to where we are staying by funicular. We picked up some grilled sardines and snails for dinner to have back at the apartment. Where we sat around the one portable a/c unit. I had great plans to go out at night but fell asleep around 9:00 pm. Completely drained from the heat.






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  1. Glad you are liking the snails…guess I would starve…don’t think I could gag em I’ve been following your trip, sounds like fun and a great experience for the kids they will have some great memories…look forward to hearing all about it when you come back

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