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Travel days seem to take a lot out of us. Waking up early, getting to the airport, figuring out how to get from the airport to where we are staying, familiarizing ourselves to a new city and its transportation system. This first day we are all tired.

We decided on taking the train into Paris from the airport and the Metro to the apartment. We were running late. As we were walking and looking for our apartment the landlord came up to us on the street. I guess he asked if I was Stacey, but I am so used to people asking me stuff or selling me stuff on the street I just said, “No” and kept walking. After it registered in my brain he said my name I turned around and called him back. He walked us to the apartment and was very kind. The apartment was tiny! And expensive compared to all of our other accommodations. We were spoiled in Rome, Venice and Lisbon, our expectations had grown. This place was dirty, small, and the items inside were old. We were used to the Ikea layout, not great grandmas used towels and kitchen supplies. I had to remind myself that this was the Europe I originally expected.

It was Sunday so everything was closed. We couldn’t buy groceries and supplies. So we walked down Rue Mouffetard to find something to eat. We ended up sharing a crêpe. We have had major sticker shock the past two days. We thought 1.50€ for a can of soda in Lisbon was a lot. Here they are 3.50 – 4.70€ a can. It’s like living in Disneyland. I actually think its cheaper to eat dinner inside Disneyland than in Paris. The grocery store is also much more expensive.

We then walked to Luxembourg Garden. Wow! This was Paris and it was beautiful! I could spend everyday sitting in this park. After taking a break by the fountain we walked to Notre Dame. It was closed but there were still hundreds of people outside taking photos. We then found a Starbucks, I paid 4.05€ ($5.47) for the same drink I pay $3.95 for at home. It is crazy how much more things cost here.





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