The Louvre and Orangerie Museum

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We went to the Louvre the first thing in the morning. I had to stand in line for my museum pass first at the mall then we headed right in underneath. If you want to enter from the pyramid on top expect to wait in a very long line.

The Louvre is massive. Hands down the largest most impressive museum I have ever been in. And the most crowded. We had to literally fight a mob to get a view of the Mona Lisa. Serenity and Skyler chose to watch from the sidelines while we went into the mob.

You could spend days looking at everything in this museum and never get bored. We were hungry and tired so we headed out into the gardens to eat our snack. We met a nice French man who was on his lunch break. We visited with him for a bit, it was nice to have someone else to tell the street vendors to go away.

We then went to the Orangerie Museum. This is where 8 of Monet’s original paintings are kept. They were huge! I never knew they were so big. It was nice to sit in this small museum and enjoy them.

Afterwards we grabbed some sandwiches a large bottle of soda to share and headed from the lawn behind the Eiffel Tower. Where we had lunch and took a nap. Afterwards we decided to do Rick Steves’s public bus tour. The bus was hot and we sat in traffic until we demanded the bus driver lets us off. A group of us finally escaped the hot bus and we jumped on a metro home. We stopped at the supermarket and got food for me to make dinner. We had dinner and decided to just stay in since all of our feet hurt and we were wiped out.








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  1. Very nice! I feel like missed out by not seeing the Louvre. Mona lisa, Mona Lisa, men have named you……………….(-:

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