Paris, the city of museums.

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Yesterday was a full day. First we visited the Orsay museum. It was remarkable. It was an old train station refurbished into a beautiful museum. Many famous works are located here. The kids really enjoyed Renoir’s and Monet’s paintings. And who doesn’t love discussing crazy Van Gough. The view from the 5th floor was an exhibit in its self.

We then walked to the Rodin museum. This is an absolute oasis in the middle of a bustling government district. From the outside of the walls you would never know it held the most beautiful sculptures and gardens. We loved the Thinker and Dante’s Gates of Hell. The entire place was simply Amazing! I wish I could have lived and played in Paris in the early 1900’s.

We then moved onto the Army Museum and Napoleon’s Tomb. The museum was a little dry but Skyler enjoyed it. The tomb was over the top! This man had made himself a Roman God in France. He had crowned himself a Caesar. You could see that he was Italian. It had a huge impact on his quest to become an Emperor in a day when it was unheard of. Being in this tomb you completely forget your in France but instead transported back to Ancient Rome.

We then took the metro to the Arc de Triomphe. We climb to the top just in time to see the French Air Force practicing their air parade for Sunday. We thought we were being invaded! It was really a special treat to watch this from on top of the Arch with the Military staff present. Then we came down and saw the tomb of the unknown soldiers. I was surprised it wasn’t guarded like it is in the US and Italy.

We then strolled down Champs Élysées. Stopping in the high tech Toyota dealership to look at the new hybrid race cars. The girls colored pictures, Skyler and Serenity played a game, and I sat and enjoyed the water cooler. We then strolled down to the famous bakery Ladurée for their famous macaroons. 25€ for 11 of them. Crazy! But it was a major item on our list. And they were so good!

We then headed back to the Latin Quarter where the kids went back to the Apartment while I sat at a pub and had a pint. It was a perfect Paris night. The kids came back down and we had dinner at a restaurant located in the same building Hemingway lived in. We sat outside and the girls ordered Escargot, lamb, duck pâté, frog legs, flank steak, herring, duck breast salad, and a steak. It was all so good. Then came dessert. They got chocolate cake with ice cream, periferoles with hot chocolate sauce, cream fresh with berries, and chocolate mousse. It was all so good.

It was 10:00 pm but dusk hadn’t set in yet, so we went for a walk. It was a beautiful night and I hope one night we can stay awake to see the lights of Paris, this must happen after 11:00 pm.











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  1. I’m glad you’re having so much fun! I wish i was with you guys. Your food description made me hungry! I’m guessing 120E…..? Wi (-:

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