Paris Old and New

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Today we started our day at the Archeological Crypt. This is an underground Roman town they discovered in 1965. The town of Lutetia that existed during 27BC to 14AD. It was really interesting and 99% of people don’t go down in front of Notre Dame to visit it.

We then went into Notre Dame. The kids liked the sculpture of Joan of Arc inside. We wanted to go up the tower but the line was crazy long.

We then went to the deportation memorial. This memorial is for the 200,000 French victims of the Nazi concentration camps. “Forgive, but never forget.”

Afterwards we got in line for Sainte-Chapelle, a gothic church of all Stained Glass. In line we ran into the Reed Family from Vacaville. What a small world! It was nice to visit with friends from home.

After the church we went to the Conciergerie. The prison that held Marie Antoinette for her last days before her beheading.

We then took the famous metro stop Cité to Père Lachaise Cementery. This is a 100 acre cemetery where we sat and had our lunch. It opened in 1804 and their is really no order to the place. We went to visit the site of Jim Morrison. It wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. They have it fenced off to keep people from vandalizing it. There were 3 teenagers having a bottle of wine there and some old fans visiting. I guess his popularity is dying out. My kids had no idea who he was. The entire place is fascinating and worth a visit.

Then we headed to the modern art museum, Pompidou. Skyler loved it! The girls hated it. One exhibit by Mike Kelly was so horrible all the kids felt scarred for life. There should have been some warning before letting kids into this area. It was extremely disturbing and demented. Skyler loved the sculptures and went into the kids area to create his own out of clay.

We then took a break and rested with an ice cream cone. It was much needed. Before going to Galleria Lafayette. A huge department store. I got a new perfume that is called Historiae. It’s perfume based on French history. We met the owner and she was amazing. So I purchased the Orangerie Du Roy. She just signed a deal with Disney Company to carry her line at Epcot center as an item that represents France. We had her sign our bottle and continued shopping. This store was glamorous and functional. They have a huge gourmet food market inside the department store. You can get everything here and 20 different varieties of it to choose from. It was amazing and making us hungry. So we headed back to the 5th for dinner.

For dinner we grabbed some crêpes. We all got an egg, cheese, ham, lettuce, and tomato crêpe. They were huge and filling. Then we need to buy our groceries for the next day. The supermarket that was full of items in the morning was now completely empty. We may need to shop at the beginning of the day and not at the end. It was 10:30 and we were wiped out. It was still light out. No, Paris lights for us again.










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  1. Let it roll baby roll…………….Nice job Skyler! So much for daddy’s little girl……Que sera sera……………….

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