Gargoyles and The Eiffel Tower

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Today we got up and out to get into line at Notre Dame to go up the bell tower. After standing in line for 90 minutes we got to climb up the spiral steps to come face to face with the worlds most famous gargoyle. Made the wait totally worth it! The gargoyles were the best part of going up the tower. The views were nice but there is something special about gargoyles.

Salome then wanted to purchase pictures from the used book stands that line the river. After getting the best deal in town we took the metro to Rue Cler.

On Rue Cler we purchased 10€ of a variety of cheeses from a Fromagerie. We then walked to the Eiffel Tower and had a picnic on the lawn.

Afterward we visited the Quai Branly Museum. The museum was fascinating, it holds artifacts from indigenous people around the world.

We then went to dinner at the Restaurant under our apartment. It was much busier and the food wasn’t as good this time. We met a table full of 60 something’s that were friends from different parts of the world. The lady from Scotland said Sierra looked like a 1970 singer from Scotland, Dana Rosemary Scallon. The lady from Australia asked if my kids had guns. If all kids carried guns in the US and did I own a gun. Does the entire world think the USA is the Wild West?!? She said her media portrays us as a gun violent country where children are killing each other. I wanted to ask her if she was bonkers! Yes, tourist around the world visit our landmarks in fear of being shot daily, is that what your guidebooks say? I would think she was a fruit loop if this topic didn’t come up almost every time I meet people from another country. Is our media putting this out there? So that our country is then pressured by the world to remove our second amendment rights?

After being absolutely irritated we headed for the Eiffel Tower. We arrived 40 minutes prior to our ticket time. We decided to sit on a bench and people watch. About 50 street vendors from West Africa tried to sell us junk. I happened to sit next to their boss. Apparently they are all illegals from Senegal. Their boss who I spent some time talking to, came to France via Italy. He spoke some English due to a better education than the boys who work for him. He wouldn’t tell me how much an average vendor made an hour but he did say it was worth their efforts.

Now it was time to take the elevator up! With 50 other Americans. Apparently we are the only people who book things months in advanced. I think it’s our willingness to pay more to avoid lines. Other people are used to waiting, it doesn’t seem to bother them. I think it’s our instant gratification society that makes us despise lines so much.

Paris at night is beautiful!! The view was stunning. The kids enjoyed themselves and just sat on a bench looking out at Paris. It was a wonderful ending to all the museums and walking during the week.






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