Musee de Cluny & Montmartre

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Yesterday was an easy going day. We woke up late and I enjoyed a macaroon with a cup of tea before heading to the Medieval Museum. It was around the corner from our apartment behind a wall. It was an Abby in the 1800’s. It houses the tapestry of the women and the unicorn. And what looks like a giant unicorn horn but is actually the horn of a narwhal. It also has the original 28 kings of Judah statues from Notre Dame the were beheaded during the French Revolution, since they encouraged a monarchy. Outside they had a giant chess set that they kids played a game of chess on.

We then took the metro to Montmartre. The old artist and cabaret district of Paris. We took the metro to a stop under construction. So we had to walk through a dirty, shady area that was selling middle eastern street food everywhere. Along with creepy guys trying to sell us gold necklaces, stolen iPhones, izod shirts, and whatever else to distract us to get into my purse. We then took the funicular up to Sacré Coeur. Where we sat and had our lunch on a hill overlooking all of Paris. The funniest thing was when the armed military came to patrol the area and all the vendors grabbed their goods and ran like mad. We then went inside the Sacré Coeur, a mosque looking church built 100 years ago. It’s strange to see mosaics with men in business suits paying homage to The Lord.

Then Salome paid one of the street artists to draw her portrait. The price was 50€ but Salome talked her down to 25€. We then walked around the neighborhood and saw old cabaret halls. Along with the home of Renoir and Van Gouge. We then ended our walk at the famous Moulin Rouge.

We ended our day early. Picked up groceries for the following day. I made dinner and we had a nice night in. Still haven’t seen Paris at night.







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