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Yesterday we got up early and took the train to Versailles. We got the 30 minutes prior to opening so we were in the front of the most massive line ever! While waiting in line I asked a man who worked there about the different ticket prices. He asked if the kids didn’t have a Papa. I thought he ment for tickets. Apparently he was hitting on me. I find this strange. In America a guy would never hit on a woman with four kids, especially when her kids are with her. Maybe the French admire fertility or something. It was embarrassing.

We then checked our lunch and headed into the palace. Wow!!! It was the grandest place I have ever been. The hall of mirrors was beautiful. It is a must see before you die place!

Afterward we grabbed our lunch and had a picnic in the most beautiful garden in the world. We then took a nap. Sierra read by the canal, that they built to simulate Venice. Including shipping in Gondolas and Gondoliers who lived in little homes in the garden. Salome played in the grass. I could have stayed here forever.

But there was still lots to see. The Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon, and Marie-Antoinette’s Hamlet. Everyone including Skyler said they would live in the little Hamlet village over the Palace. This little French Village Marie-Antoinette built for herself was something out of a storybook. You felt like Snow White. It was perfect in every way. It felt like a world away from the palace but it is only a 30 minute walk through the garden.

We then returned to the 28 fountains to watch them all shoot water to music. It was beautiful! You have to choose which ones you want to watch as its a small hike to each fountain. Even though this is a separate charge they only run for 1 hour twice a day on weekends. So plan your day wisely! If your smart and in a group of less than 4, you can rent a golf cart for 30€ and drive to all the fountains.

After we left the palace we walked into the city center for dinner at a Crêperie. We all had drinks, galettes, and crêpes. We then walked to the main square for Bastille Day festivities! We line danced with all the French. It was a ton of fun! It was like a giant Zumba class of all the citizens of Versailles . This goes on until the fireworks. Skyler was tired and wanted to come back, so we left the party and took the train back to Paris.
















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