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Today we had to rush around to catch our 7:00am train to Munich. Upon arriving in Munich we had to get our 3 day Transportation pass and find our way to The Tent. The Tent is a campground across the street from the botanical gardens. We are staying in a huge tent with around 300 people in it. All in bunk beds. It is mostly 18-30 year olds, a huge scout troop, and some random others sprinkled in.

We headed out to see Munich. We hit the Residenz , the Bavarian Royal Palace, first. It was huge! I felt like I kept walking into the same room. It was gloomy compared to Versailles.

Then we went to The Hofbräuhaus for dinner. I shared a liter of beer with Serenity and the kids had Sprites. We ordered a pork knuckle, sausage, liver dumpling soup, pretzels and schnitzel. We had a good time listening to the band and sitting next to some poor, young, Japanese Engineer who had to entertain his boss and guest.

We are now back in The Tent bundled up against the cold and the Mosquitos.







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