Fun Filled day in Munich

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Yesterday we set out to explore Munich. Our first stop was the Nymphenburg Palace. This is the summer home of the Wittelsbach. Their winter home is only a 15 minute tram ride away. This place never ends. If you stand outside a try to see where the building ends, you can’t. And the grounds are the size of a small National Park. Our favorite part was the Queens hunting lodge. The room of dog houses were different than anything we have seen so far. We also enjoyed the coach museum. We didn’t realize that the winter carriages were sleds. It was like getting to visit Santa’s private fleet.

We then headed to the Marienplatz. Where we watched the Glockenspiel clock at noon. Not as exciting as we had anticipated. Afterwards we had lunch at Viktualienmarkt. We sat next to the maypole and had brats in buns.

Afterwards we went to Mikes Bikes to rent some wheels! We had a blast riding bikes around the English Garden. We watched the surfers and saw one too many old naked guys sun bathing. We then went to the Chinese Tower beer garden for ice cream and beers.

After we returned the bikes we found a cell phone store to get me a SIM card. It took forever! When we finally got out of there we were hungry. So we came back to the Tent and had dinner.

We then backed our swim stuff and went to the Olympic Park to swim in the 1972 Olympic pool. The staff let the kids use a block to practice starts. They also let Serenity use the spring board to work on dives. Have a board virtually to herself for an hour made a huge difference in her diving. She got really good in an hour. It was 12:00 am by the time we got back from the pool and headed to bed.

It was a great day in Munich.












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