A Nightmare and a fairy tale

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Today I woke up early and picked up the rental car. Then drove back to The Tent and picked up the kids. We then drove to Dachau Concentration Camp. This was the first concentration camp that the Nazi’s used. It was originally a political prison then it became a work camp. It wasn’t an extermination camp like Auswich was. So the women and children were sent to other camps to be exterminated. The men at this camp worked or starved to death. Some were experimented on or tortured then killed. The crematorium was overflowing with bodies and when the allied forces arrived they had ran out of coal and the piles of dead was overwhelming. It was a horrible place but it was important for the kids to be aware of such atrocities so that it can never happen again.

We then drove to the Linderhof palace. The home of mad King Ludwig II. It was a palace built for one recluse king. He loved his books and Wagner’s operas. Everything he built was fashioned after these stories. He lived in a fairy tale world. He loved the French Court and Versailles. All of his pictures are of these things. Not of himself or his own family. It was beautiful! The grounds were amazing. We loved our visit here! Maybe even a little more than Versailles.

We then drove to Garmisch to our wonderful Hotel at a beautiful resort. It is full of American military families and it was odd to have everything in US dollars. Our white fluffy beds were so welcoming!



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