Kaltenberger Ritterturnier

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Today we decided to take the train to a German Renaissance Fair. I decided on the train because I was so tired of driving. The resort offered a bus trip for $75 per person. I was tempted but we decided to go it alone. The train was 28€ round trip, 4.40€ parking at the train station, 11.60€ r/t shuttle bus to fair grounds, and 165€ for the cheapest seats at the fair. Total 209€ or $276, we saved $100 by figuring it out on our own.

The fair was a ton of fun! It’s your standard Renaissance fair but they have a 2 hour show that is fantastic. Even without speaking German we could follow the plot. The stunts were amazing and the jousting was the best I’ve ever seen. The food was cheaper than the beer gardens in Munich. We used the men’s bathrooms, pretending we couldn’t read German to avoid the long woman’s lines. The kids had a blast. They looked at all the booths. They watched a man get tarred and feathered by his wife while he was shackled and suspended in the air. All drinks are served in 1 liter or .5 liter mug that you must pay a 6 euro deposit for. Much better than cheap plastic cups everywhere.

Sierra was captured by a warrior during the parade. I was sad I missed it as her and Serenity were standing a little bit down from us. The kids had chocolate covered apples and I had Radler. My new favorite beverage, beer and lemon aid mix. It comes this way direct from the brewery and it is so good!

We are so tired and can’t wait to get back to our room. We hope the train gets there before the pool closes.






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