Munich day 3

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On our third day in Munich we went to the BMW museum. People were buying toy cars like crazy. I wonder if the thinking is they can’t leave with a car but they can buy a toy of their dream car. We then walked around Olympic Park. There was a music festival but it didn’t start for 3 more hours and we didn’t want to wait around.

Then we went back downtown to look in some stores. The Abercrombie store was three stories tall. It had a massive half dressed German man statue in the entrance. With a seven foot tall German boy to stand next to it. This is definitely where the pretty people work. Holister was no different. The prices are crazy expensive! 39€ for a T-shirt!

We then went back to the river for the kids to swim. With all the over 60 naked men. It’s strange they are the only undressed people around.

We then went to a huge outdoor beer garden for dinner. The cooks were yelling at me to decide. I can’t read German! It was very stressful. A nice guy told them to leave me alone and helped me. So we ended up with a pork knuckle, 2 potato dumplings, some balls of cheese stuff, a giant pretzel, and apple juice. I was sick of beer by this point.



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