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Today we woke up at 5:00am to get on the road by 7:00am. As we had tickets to the Castle that Inspired Disney when he created Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. It was as magical as we had imagined. It was a hike up the mountain but oh so worth it. I had made a reservation for 9:20am. That was a waste of money. No one is there at 8:00am when we picked up our tickets. Our English tour was so tiny. They are normally groups of 60. Our tour had around 12 people. It was more personal and pleasant this way. It was around noon when we got back down. The line was literally one mile long by this point. This is when you need a reservation.

Then we went to the summer bob run. A summer luge run. The kids loved this! Except for poor Salome who took the turn to fast and hit the wall. She has a burn on her cheek and shoulder.

We then drove 2 hours to Innsbruck. This is a cute town surrounded by mountains. We went into some shops and the Swarovski Crystal Outlet.

We were tired and ready to go back. It was a little over an hour drive back. I wasn’t sure my little rental car was going to make it up this mountain. I was in second gear behind an RV. When I tried to go around I accidentally put it in third and not first. The car almost stalled out uphill with a car coming toward me and motorcycles also trying to go around me. It was insane! I had to slip back behind the RV and get the car back into second gear. The kids thought we were going to crash for sure!

It’s great that the Autobahn has no speed limit but the fastest the rental can go with my foot to the metal in 140 km/hr. Maybe next time we will try it with the A/C off. 🙂






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