Berchtesgaden and Salzburg

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We were on the fence about making the 2 and a half hour drive out to Salzburg. The kids really wanted to see the Gazebo from the sound of music. And the wanted to go to the salt mines. So off we went. On the way I needed to fill the car up with gas. Apparently they all thought it was funny that I wanted to pay before I pumped my gas. I guess they are still on the honor system there.

The kids really enjoyed the salt mine. The audio guide left a lot to be desired but the kids loved all the special effects. They enjoyed the wooden slides (our photo didn’t come out) and the boat ride across the salty pool of water. They try to make this more fascinating than a salt mine actually is and I think they succeeded.

Afterward we thought about going up to the Eagles Nest but when the kids found out it was only a restaurant with a view they didn’t think the cost was worth it. So we headed into Salzburg.

First stop, the Gazebo where they filmed the song, “I am 16 going on 17”, in the Sound of Music. Salome was mad that it was locked and she couldn’t jump from bench to bench.

We then went to the old town. We went up to the fortress. I love marionettes and they have a small, nice exhibit. We did the audio guide then walked around. The views of Salzburg were amazing! We loved them so much we decided to have apple strudel at the cafe and enjoy the views some more.

We came down and looked at some shops. Grabbed some food and headed back. Only to hit traffic on the way back. It was due to the sun blinding people. So traffic came to a crawl. Adding an hour more to my already long drive back.








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  1. I’m glad to see Stacey finally getting into the pictures. Good Job!!! Looks and sounds like your still having an awesome time. I love Skyler’s hat. You are just sooooo handsome Skyler. Your my boy! Love Oma

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