Rothenburg ODT or OMG!

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I have died and gone to tourist heaven! We got up today and checked out of the resort. Then we hiked the most beautiful gorge. It was the coolest thing ever! Afterwards we walked around Garmisch until 5:00 pm. Then we drove 3 hours to Rothenburg. The most amazing walled city in the world. We were all wishing that we had skipped walking around Garmisch and gotten here sooner.

I had booked our room in a Gästehaus months ago by email. I had no idea what to expect. I was thinking an old, cheap room. When we arrived at the cutest house ever and shown the most gorgeous, modern, Bavarian apartment our jaws dropped. The kids want to live here forever! The bathroom is huge! The entire town is out of a storybook. It caters to Americans, thanks to Rick Steve’s who in a 60 minutes interview claimed to put this place on the map. I came here on a field trip in the 6th grade, so I think it was pretty well known 25 years ago. It is still just as magical here.

After we dumped our bags, we went to dinner. It was so affordable! Then we walked around the town and looked into the windows of the closed shops. We then stopped for the cheapest ice cream cone of the entire trip, .80! Sold! The kids want to stay here for the rest of the trip. Serenity wants to live in Bavaria for the rest of her life. She is already planning a trip back with her friends. There is so much more to see and do. I can’t believe our trip is coming to an end. Germany is definitely a place I want to return to, soon!







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