Mainz and Bacarach

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Today we got up at drove to Mainz to see the Guttenburg Museum. The kids got to see the press that the first printed bible was done on. And some of his printed Bibles. The learned about how this changed reading and religion forever. It made books more affordable and encouraged more people to learn to read.

We wanted to visit the cathedral but the entire building was closed and under construction. It was an ugly sight.

Then kids then wanted a bubble drink. They still haven’t learned what they think something is and what it is in Europe are two totally different things. Like the milkshake that was literally just shaken milk! The bubble drink was horrible and a major waste of money.

Then we drove to the Castle we are staying in, located on the Rhine River in Bacharach. It was fun looking a a castle on a hill from the distance knowing that is where we were sleeping. We checked in and walked down to the town. We sat and had drinks outside. I had the best Riesling Wine ever! I ended up buying a bottle to drink up at the castle at night looking at Rhine alone 🙁 wishing Steve was here to enjoy it with me. We ate dinner up at the castle. Afterwards Skyler made a lot of friends and played with them until curfew. Salome made some friends and played ping pong. Sierra joined in later. I met a nice German man on vacation with his kids and a great family from Pittsburgh, California we met 2 nights before in Rothenburg came up to visit. It was a nice evening. We were all sad when the staff told us it was time to go to our rooms.




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  1. Yah, maybe the next extended vacation should be you and I or everyone together. Wish I was with you… time………………………………………….

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