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Today we got up at walked the wall of the city. You could climb the towers and go into the gun powder storage towers. It was fun for the first half mile. Then it was just walking around a wall and we were hungry. So we got off and had breakfast. I thought the strudel had seeds on top but on closer inspection we discovered they were fruit flies. We all lost our appetite. It was common in all the bakeries including the one in the supermarket outside the walls. So we opted for pretzels!

We then went to visit the medieval crime and punishment museum. It was very interesting as all the exhibits had English descriptions also. We enjoyed all the shame masks. Instead of fining people for breaking laws they humiliated them. Bakers who shorted people on bread were placed in a cage and dunked into the river. The torture devices where gruesome and we all agreed we would confess and just be put to death. It was better than being tortured into a confession then be but to death. They believed that if you were innocent then God would intervene on your behalf. How is beyond me.

We then had Doner Kebabs for lunch. A Turkish Gyro. It’s European fast food, yummy and cheap!

Afterwards we took a nap, looked into all the shops, and had dinner. It was pouring rain! After dinner we went on the Nightwatchman’s tour. Skyler loved it! The guy was funny and entertaining. At 7€ a person for a 1 hour tour X’s 100 people a night, I think he’s doing rather well. He works every night during high season.

We then went for Italian Eis, the kids got huge ice cream sundaes for 5€ each. It was a fun way to end a hot rainy night.









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