Where the Rhine meets the Mosel River

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After checking out of the castle we drove down the Rhine listening to Rick Steve’s explain about the history of the castles and region. We stopped in St. Goar for lunch and to look at some shops. We thought about going up to the castle but decided against it since we are visiting a major Castle tomorrow.

We finally reached Koblenz. There is a large park and a Monument of Emperor Wilhelm I.
The emperor who had led to the reunification of Germany after 3 wars in 1888. It is also the corner where the Rhine River meets the Mosel River. The kids climbed the monument and I took their photo. To the left of the park are the cable cars that take you up to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress. Europe’s second largest preserved fortress, it was constructed between 1817 and 1828 in its present-day design; however, its origin dates back to the first century AD.

This is where we are sleeping! We have been so impressed with our accommodations. I was only trying to find affordable lodging. We have ended up staying at the most sold out places around. We got to park up at the top of the Fortress and not pay for the cable car up and got free entrance into the Fortress. It is massive and the view is breathtaking. There are few to no Americans that stay here. The staff doesn’t speak English and nothing is even written in English. The website I booked these hostels on were only in German also. It really isn’t American friendly. I think they want the deal to themselves! Dinner is 7.50€ for anyone over 14 and 3.75€ for kids. A steal! Especially since this place is known to have a 4 star chef!

I am currently sitting in the lounge having a glass of Riesling. Taking a break from the kids, who are taking a nap. It is much needed. Salome and Sierra have both had melt downs today, I wanted to leave them on the Rhine. And Serenity is getting her first cold ever. It’s usually the 24 Hour flu when she gets sick. It could be the weather since it is dumping rain out, overcast, but hot and muggy out.







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