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We were conflicted this morning. There was a huge festival at the fortress today. With bands, clowns, acrobats, performers, and booths. It was costly to get in and to park. We were already parked and inside the fortress. It would make sense to just stay in and enjoy it. We decided to go and stick to our plan of visiting Burg Eltz. This is a castle that lurks in a mysterious forest. It’s been left intact for 700 years and is decorated and furnished throughout much as it was 500 years ago. Thanks to smart diplomacy, clever marriages, and lots of luck, Burg Eltz was never destroyed (it survived one five-year siege). It’s been in the Eltz family for 850 years.

We decided to park in the lot above the castle and walk down to it. Instead of the 45 minute uphill walk from the river. We had an English guided tour of the castle. From a young man who had very little personality. So it was dry and boring. The castle was nice and we really enjoyed the kitchen.

We then visited the treasury. Our favorite item was a coconut turned into a monster cup gilded with gold. It was an exotic piece, prized by all. Since coconuts were from far away lands.

Afterwards we drove down the river and stopped for lunch at a cute, inexpensive bratwurst stand. With yummy wine!





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  1. Hi Stacey,

    It was great meeting you and your children in Germany! We are now back home, but are enjoying your updates. Enjoy the rest of your travels, hope to see you in CA when you return!

    Jeff & Patty

    1. Hi Jeff & Patty,

      It was fun meeting your family and running into you guys all over for the next three days. I hope we stay in touch and get together when we get back!


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