Hahn AFB, today

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After we checked into our Hostel in Cochem we headed off to visit my old high school. After getting really lost. Twenty three years is a long time to remember directions. We found the eerie abandoned remains of Hahn AFB. Ryan Air runs a cheap airport here now. We drove around the old buildings in total confusion. Then I took a turn and found the commissary. It all came flooding back to me. We then drove to the housing area. The new chapel where I attended youth group was turned into a police station. The high school gym was still being used as a gym. The high school is now a training center for Ryan Air. Half of the housing was turned into housing for a police school that is now closed. So the area is again a ghost town. The youth center was creepy and so small looking. I spent to many days eating pizza and hanging out after school there.









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  1. Wow! I don’t know how I came across this site. I’ve been trying to look up stuff from Hahn air base off and on for years and one site after another I ended up here. Great pics! I miss that place..a lot of good memories!
    I was there from 83-90. There’s a couple other sites that have great pics also!
    I guess I’m getting old and want to relive my youth…haha.
    Please post any other pics of Hahn if you have more!

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