Mosel Wine Festivals

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A favorite activity of ours while living in Germany was going to wine festivals. We got a chance to stop by three last night driving back from visiting the house in Altlay that I lived in.

The first one was in Zell. Zell is known for their Black Cat Riesling wine. We had a great time sitting with an Oma and Opa and their 13 year old granddaughter. The Opa is an aeronautical engineer who has worked in the US, so his English was pretty good. We sat a had wine while all the kids went and put their feet in the river. Sierra said the water burned. The local business men pulled the wine tree up and the town wine Queen and Princess gave a toast. Then the wine witches came around and filled our glasses with wine for free. It was a ton of fun and the food was so good.

We then stopped at two more wine festivals along the river on the way back to Cochem. I had a glass of Riesling at each one. Most people mix half wine and half sparkling water. That way they can drink all night. Since the wine has around 9% alcohol in it. We then stopped in Cochem for an ice cream cone, melon is now our favorite, before going back to the hostel.









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