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We started our day off with the hostel breakfast we have become so very used too. Then we headed to the Ann Frank House. You saw the mile long line before you even saw the museum. We walked past the giant line, rang the bell, and were buzzed right in. All for an extra .50€ per person and some pre planning. We then walked in a line slowly through the museum. Half way through the museum Skyler in his loudest voice says, “Who is Ann Frank”? He obviously wasn’t paying attention to us all day. The museum does a great job and is extremely more modern than it was 25 years ago when I last visited.

We then were looking for a place we could afford for lunch. As we were walking down a canal street I looked into a tiny little basement coffee shop and see 2 plates of yummy frittatas. Salome and I go in and the entire menu is in Dutch. I see klein is 3€ so we ask for 1 small piece. Just to see what we get. The lady takes a slice of this yummy looking bacon frittata and makes this awesome sandwich with it. We got 3 more and she was then out of the bacon one. She tells me she makes 2 a day and that’s it. When they are gone she closes. So the kids had to share with me. It was so good!

We then walked over to the flower market. It was just a bunch of souvenir shops and shops selling bulbs. The US certified bulbs were a lot more and you have to declare them. We decided against it. We then found ourselves looking at a bunch of shops selling the same made in China junk. So I signed us up for a 2:30 countryside tour.

We are not tour bus people at all. We actually make fun of people who follow a guide waving something in the air for their masses to follow. Now here we are. One of the masses. We pile onto a huge red tour bus and get our headphones to listen to our recording in English. Our first stop Marken. The cutest little sea side town. We wish we can shake this group but we get told to wait for the group. We did get a wooden shoe making demonstration. That was a plus for taking the tour. We then as a group walked to the boat. Where we all filed on. We learned real quick to get in the front of the group if you want to get a seat.

We are now on a boat to Volendam. I am having pie and cappuccino. While the kids enjoy treasure chests of ice cream!

In Volendam we watched a demonstration in cheese making. Skyler raised his hand to be a volunteer. He was selected and had a lot of cheese grated into his hands. Enough for her to say you can put it on Spaghetti, pasta, and macaroni in about 7 languages. It was pretty funny. We then were given 30 whole minutes to look around. We had some salted Herring with pickles. It was actually really good. Then Serenity got deep fried muscles. Skyler got fish sticks. The girls got huge fish fillet sandwiches. And I just got a huge fish fillet. We then had some Dutch mini pancakes.

Off to Zaanse Schans to see the windmills. Everything in the village was now closed and all we could do was pay to use the toilettes and take photos of the windmills. It was the cutest little village. It is a national landmark yet people still live in all of the little cottages.

Once we arrived back at central station it wasn’t raining so we decided to make the hour walk back. We are now sitting outside under the famous Amsterdam Pub umbrellas. Enjoying our last night in Europe with a final beverage. Watching the street performers in the square across from us.










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