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First we had to drop the rental car off and get a Taxi to the train station. Then we had to switch trains in Köln. It was like going full circle on this trip. Day 2 of our trip I was running around like a crazy person trying to buy our tickets. Now we had a thirty minute layover. So we looked at the Cathedral and used Starbucks free wifi. Then casually got on our next train. It has become easier to navigate the system now. There isn’t a fast way to train from Trier to Amsterdam. So we are spending seven hours on the train. The first two was a recap of part of our trip. We rode by all the sights we saw over the past five days. Now we have a view of the not so pretty northern part of Germany.

Upon arriving in Amsterdam we grabbed 24 hour tram passes and headed to our hostel in the rain. Right when we got off the tram and were walking it started dumping rain on us. Everything I had purchased and all of the contents of my bag were soaked.

We checked in and quickly changed our clothes. We then went to a Dutch restaurant for dinner. All of the menus in Amsterdam say, “We refuse to serve tap water”. So we all have to purchase our drinks. Heineken is the cheapest beverage on the menu. The food is a cross between Irish and Thai. It’s Dutch with Indonesian influences. It was all really good. We thought Paris was expensive. Amsterdam’s food is more.

After dinner we walked around Dam Square in the rain then we walked around the Red Light District. The girls were all in bikinis or some type of top and bottom. Sierra thought it was like looking at girls at the beach on display. They are all Eastern European and on their cell phones. Skyler just looked at the ground in front of him the whole time. The girls were all looking and making comments about how they looked or acted.

We couldn’t take the rain any longer and headed back.



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