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After we checked out of our Hostel in Cochem we drove down the Mosel to Trier. We parked our car in a Central Park House to go and explore this ancient Roman city in Germany. First we walked to the sight of the Roman Baths that Constantine built. It started dumping rain really hard while we were walking around. We had to take cover under some scaffolding till the rain subsided. We then walked to the Basilica. This was originally Constantine’s Throne room. It is now a church.

Afterwards we walked to the first Christian Church in the world. Constantine’s mother gave part of her palace to build this first St. Peter’s. It houses the Robe of Christ. Along with a stake from His crucifixion. It sounds crazy and most relics seem unbelievable. This was around 300 years after Christ. No one questions the validity of the our original Constitution and it is almost as old. Either way, they own a really old robe.

We then walked around looking at all the old buildings. An old palace that is now a H&M. I am so sick of this store. Every city has at least one and the girls want to look in each one. Skyler did get a cool Mario shirt in one on clearance for 3€. So he goes along with it. We saw an old fortified house that is now a cafe. It was pretty cool. We then saw the old Roman Gate. It was amazing! This is a neat city that is a must do. Especially if you have studied Rome. It shows that huge reach of the Roman Empire.

Then we went to check into our Hostel. This is now the sixth night in the same regional chain. We have the system down. I have the drink prices memorized and the small differences in quality are now noticeable to us. These hostels are family or youth group focused. The curfew is 10:00, so it doesn’t attract the party crowd. It is mostly German families on holiday. Most families pay for full board. They eat breakfast and dinner at the Hostel. Then the hostel gives them a sack lunch for the day. This is an affordable family vacation. We have purchased the dinner a few times. Depending on the menu. Tonight is Spaghetti and it doesn’t look so good. So we decide to go out for our last night in Germany. We decided on the Kartoffel Hüse. The Potato House. The food was yummy and the kids ordered the Kinder Schnitzel, their favorite. We had their famous potato as a starter. When it arrived it was just a fancy baked potato. I’ll never get over beer being the cheapest beverage on the menu, cheaper than water. I drives me crazy that they refuse to serve free tap water, even when you are purchasing a beer. I am not paying 4€ for water!

We had the ice cream down the street earlier in the day. It was horrible. So instead of a repeat after dinner of crummy ice cream we returned to the hostel.





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