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Chatuchak Weekend Market is one of the world’s largest weekend markets covers area of 70 rai (27 Acres) altogether divided into 27 Sections, contains more than 15,000 booths selling goods from every part of Thailand.

You want to hunt down a map! This place is a maze. It isn’t so bad to navigate from the outer lanes but the beating sun drives you into the inner alleyways. 

Yupadee dropped us off in the morning wishing us good luck as her and my dad would never have a desire to spend a day at this crazy market. No discount is worth the heat, smell, and confusion for them. For us bargin travelers, especially a teenage girl, this was shoppers paradise. We got everything from Sarongs to iPod chargers. It was extreamly hot and overwhelming. So if I promised you a gift I didn’t get it today, sorry. Keeping up with Sierra, not losing irritated Steve, and surviving heat stroke was about all I could manage. We took two much needed breaks in our 7 hour shopping trip that covered about a forth of the market. The first was for overpriced drinks in a cute little bar set up in a stall. The second was for 30 minute foot massages that Steve kindly gave to us while he napped in the air conditioned cubby stall. We were too meet my dad who was taking us to the airport at 3 pm in front of the mall down the street. By 1:00 pm I was spent and dehydrated. With a headache and nausea I led us in a haze to the mall. Where thankfully we walked by my dad who was sitting enjoying a Frappe in a coffee shop. He waved us down and I had never felt so relieved that we didn’t have to wait 2 hours and hunt for him. Again making the crowded masses of Bangkok seem small and familiar. 

Some of our best buys were a Northface daypack for $15, a Naked Urban Decay eye shadow for $7, tye dye tops for $5, girls back packs for $5, and 10¢ Popsicles. Oh and our $7 per person foot massages. 





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  1. This is when the virtual vacation beats the real thing, heat and crowds would make me grumpy, too. Glad you all made it out alive!

  2. I would have loved the bargain shopping, but not the heat. I think the foot massage would have made up for the though…a little. Enjoy!

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