Krabi Town and 4 Island Tour

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Upon arriving in Krabi we were forced into a 9 passenger van for 600 baht vs a taxi for 350 baht. Apparently we have one too many people. First we check into our aduaqate accommodations very centrally located to everything. At $30 for an air conditioner a queen bed and a full size bunk bed we were happy. The odd thing is the bathroom on the balcony. It has shutters so no one can see in but it is hot and humid out there! We also get live music from across the street to sing us a lullaby each night. The first night it was oldies but goodies and the second it was country music. At least it’s in English.

We then headed out to the weekend market. The best part was the young boys (7-13) breakdancing on stage. They were so cute! We walked around and looked at all the stalls. Realizing Chatachuck wasn’t so cheap after all. After we got a bite to eat, chicken satay for everyone and fish cakes for me, we headed back to hit the hay.

We over slept and took our time getting up the next day. We made it down stairs by 9:00 am. We inquired about the 4 island snorkeling tour and was told it left at 8am and we were to book it the night before. I told our host we didn’t want to do a tour at 1000 baht per person but wanted to charter a long tail for the day to take us to the same places. His “friend”, “the boat guy”, happened to be walking by at that moment. We agreed on 3000 baht for the day with snorkeling equipment.

He pawned us off on a guy who was so goofy and immature it drove me crazy. The kids loved it though. He kept trying to race the other boats, would creep up behind them, and was just annoying. He hated to not having any one to talk to and made friends with all the other drivers. Like he now thought he was one of them, you could tell they didn’t. He did take us everywhere we asked. At Chicken island the “national park ranger” wanted 200 Baht per person ($7 each) to enter the beach. What!?! I read it was 50 baht. She lowered to 800 baht because I argued that Salome was nit nouwe (small), but still $26 to walk on a beach. No, thank you. We pulled 10 feet off shore and just snorkled from there. Our driver understood from that point on to take us to the back side of islands where we didn’t have to pay. 

Everyone had a great day swimming, snorkeling, feeding the fish, and relaxing. Our driver then too us to a rope ladder that everyone but me climbed up and jumped into the water. Sierra got hung up and bellyflopping into the water in front of an entire boat of tourists. They were cracking up! So their driver got out to show us how it’s done. And for some reason Skyler decided to follow. He was like a monkey, it was amazing! Our kids climbed to the top of the rope, he free climbed up the crag! 

Afterwards we sat on Pha Nang beach and enjoyed lunch served off boats and the awesome view. Then the clouds opened up and rained on us. So we headed back to Krabi town and our room for a much needed afternoon nap! Then off to dinner at 9:00pm. We ate street food for 270 baht and it was awesome!! I picked the place with the cleanest menu and plastic table. You really appreciate cleanliness here! It really isn’t a priority around for most of the vendors. On our way back to the room we stopped for Rotti, a southern Muslim crepe, with Nutella and bananas. It was 35 baht (little over $1) and it was to die for!! I want one now just thinking about it.








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